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What is Story Asking?

Storyasking, typically synonymous with TPRS®, is the process of co-creating a story with your students. Often, the teacher has a general idea for what will happen during the story (a loosely scripted plot). Sometimes, the teacher has nothing planned.  

During storyasking, the teacher acts as a guide. The teacher asks questions about what happens next in the story, and the students offer suggestions. Ultimately, it is up to the teacher to choose from among their suggestions to determine the next step in the plot.

Almost every SOMOS unit includes a story script and activities for working with the stories you co-create with your students.  

Here are some of our favorite resources for story asking:  

Storyasking tips 

by Elicia Cárdenas (Deskless Classroom)

Virtual Storyasking

Resources for virtual storyasking 

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