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Does SOMOS use "Spain" Spanish or "Mexican" Spanish?

SOMOS is region-neutral. Martina's (author of SOMOS) own personal language has been most heavily influenced by Spain, Mexico, the Dominican, and Puerto Rico; and our primary collaborators/proofers are Spanish, Mexican, Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Bolivian. When writing materials –generally speaking– we use the most comprehensible words. When there are multiple ways to say things, we look for words and expressions that are easiest for US English speakers to understand. 

Ex:You’ll see the word ‘computadora’ instead of ‘ordenador’, and the word ‘carro’ instead of ‘coche’. 

When materials are written about a specific country, the vocabulary used matches that of the country at hand.

We do not use Vosotros (again, unless the story is set in Spain).

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