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The Comprehensible Classroom operates two moderated Facebook groups for language teachers using two online communities If you are using all or part of The Somos Curriculum, the Nous sommes Curriculum, The Vamos Curriculum, or any of our other resources.

  • general/non-language specific support for implementing Acquisition Driven Instruction
  • implementation support specific to The Somos Curriculum and other Spanish resources from The Comprehensible Classroom

Please consider joining The Nous sommes Curriculum Collaboration Facebook group for implementation support specific to The Nous sommes Curriculum and other French resources from The Comprehensible Classroom.

These groups are on a mission, and for that reason we have made them Moderated Facebook groups. Because it is important that the groups remain focused on instruction, both Comprehension-based instruction generally and teaching with resources from The Comprehensible Classroom specifically, we will actively moderate the group by using post approval and declining off-topic posts.

Off topic posts may include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology questions (contact your district or school IT specialist and/or post in the @Technology for World Language Educators group by Rachel Lucas)
  • Purchasing or product questions (contact info@comprehensibleclassroom.com)
  • Support/Error questions (contact support@comprehensibleclassroom.com)
  • Garbanzo questions (contact hola@garbanzo.io )
  • El mundo en tus manos (post in the @El mundo en tus manos Facebook group)
  • Neat authentic resources that you find that are not specifically connected to use with a resource from The Comprehensible Classroom
  • Posts related to output, grammar, presentations, projects, vocabulary drills, etc. These are great questions and topics! Please ask in the @Spanish Teachers in the US Facebook group or another general language teaching group!

Thank you for being respectful of our purpose as well as the moderators’ time.


The COLLAB DRIVE is a shared drive to which users can submit resources they have created to accompany curriculum units. 

All teacher-created resources shared in the group must be added to Google Drive, not shared directly in Facebook. We use Google Drive for file storage because many teachers can not access Facebook at school.

Please *do not* add files to the Facebook group. Instead, submit them to the collaboration folder.

Click here for directions on how to use the collab drive.

Note: If you see something in the drive that you want to use, you must use the File/MAKE A COPY/add to MY DRIVE function, as that will make a copy for you and put it in your personal drive. We will not respond to emails asking for editing permissions.

Click here to access the Collab drive.

Did you create a great resource to share? Click here for instructions about how to add it to the Loading Zone for copyright review before it is added to the Collab Drive.

Protect copyright! Please do not post purchased materials on this page or in the drive! We love protecting copyright. Purchased materials will be removed. Not everyone who is on this page has bought every single product. Please do not ask for materials to be shared privately or share your email address; all sharing can go through the collaborative drive to protect copyright.

Please check with group moderators before posting advertisements or resources, even for related trainings or products. We appreciate that you respect our time.

If you have a question about whether something is ok to post, just ask!

Please be kind to each other and to your Curriculum Mentors or group admins. We're glad you're here!

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