The Comprehensible Classroom

The SOMOS Flex plans offer a simplified version of the lessons from the original SOMOS Curriculum. Because many teachers will now be juggling three strands of learners, including learners in virtual spaces, it is important to keep the content more consistent and predictable for both the teacher and the student. The original SOMOS plans include a much wider variety of activities and go more in-depth with cultural exploration.

Teachers that already own the SOMOS Curriculum can continue to follow the original lessons for traditional classroom instruction. These teachers may choose to purchase SOMOS Flex and follow the Flex plans for Hybrid and Virtual learners.

Teachers that do not already own the SOMOS Curriculum may choose to purchase only the SOMOS Flex plans for the fall of 2020. The Flex plans are not dependent on the original plans in any way. Purchasing both the original SOMOS materials and the Flex plans will allow teachers to access the full depth of the curriculum with learners in the Traditional strand.

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