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The Somos Curriculum Collaboration Group and the Nous sommes Curriculum Collaboration Group provide teachers with opportunities to receive free support and mentorship as they implement Acquisition Driven Instruction using curriculum and materials from The Comprehensible Classroom.

We ask all new members to please read the information below. We will provide answers to commonly asked questions, as well as links to some free resources including free professional development, sub plans, curriculum maps, and more!

What topics are allowed in the group?

This group is on a mission, and for that reason we have made it a Moderated Facebook group.  Because it is important that the group remain focused on instruction, both Comprehension-based instruction generally and teaching with resources from The Comprehensible Classroom specifically, we will actively moderate the group by using post approvals and removing off-topic posts.

Off topic posts may include, but are not limited to:
  • Technology questions (contact your district or school IT specialist and/or post in the @Technology for World Language Educators group by Rachel Lucas)
  • Purchasing or product questions (contact
  • Support/Error questions (contact
  • Garbanzo questions (contact )
  • El mundo en tus manos (post in the @El mundo en tus manos Facebook group)
  • Neat authentic resources that you find that are not specifically connected to use with a resource from The Comprehensible Classroom
  • Posts related to output, grammar, presentations, projects, vocabulary drills, etc.  These are great questions and topics! Please ask in the @Spanish Teachers in the US Facebook group or another general language teaching group!
Thank you for being respectful of our purpose as well as the moderators’ time.
Special welcome to the New Teachers and the French (and Portuguese/ Latin/ German/ ELD/ Arabic/Dutch/Mandarin, etc.) teachers in our group! Remember that not everyone speaks Spanish, please! And we have resources in English, French, and Latin, not just Spanish! Bienvenue! Welcome! Willkommen! Salvate!  We are so glad you are here!

  • FREE TRAINING AND PD CREDIT: A self-paced training session with optional  PD credit. 
    • Option 1:  Launch Pad: The Welcome to Somos Launch Pad option is a tool designed for teachers who want help getting started with Somos, Nous sommes, or Sumus. It is a single place where you can find answers to all the most commonly asked questions that teachers ask as they are preparing to switch to the Somos* family of curricula.
    • Option 2:  Stepping into SOMOS, self-guided professional development challenge  If you’re looking for something a little more formal and want the opportunity to earn Professional Development hours and/or a Continuing Education credit, take the Somos Self-Guided Challenge!  This challenge is self-guided and asynchronous so that you can fit it into your schedule.
The challenge is designed for: 
  • Teachers that will be teaching Somos* for the first time 
  • Teachers that have been using Somos* but are unsure of the foundational ideas of the curriculum
  • Teachers that need continuing education hours or credit.
More Free Training Options:

You will find Summer SOMOS Fun Club and Stay at Home Fun Club, live broadcasts (that you can watch on-demand) designed to address new SOMOS users' common challenges and questions.  See all our Fun Club videos here:

We also have some resources that might be helpful:
The COLLAB DRIVE is a shared drive that users put resources into- take a look at it!
  • We use Google Drive because many teachers can not access Facebook at school.
  • Please *do not* add files to the Facebook group. It is a long term project to delete those files and move them to the collab folder...coming soon.
  • If you see something in the drive that you want to use, you must use the File/MAKE A COPY/add to MY DRIVE function, as that will make a copy for you and put it in your personal drive. We will not respond to emails asking for editing permissions.
Directions for how to use the drive:
Access COLLAB drive here:
Contribute if you have a great resource to share!

*Protect copyright! Please do not post purchased materials on this page or in the drive! We love protecting copyright. Purchased materials will be removed. Not everyone who is on this page has bought every single product.  Please do not ask for materials to be shared privately or share your email address; all sharing can go through the collaborative drive to protect copyright.

Please check with admins before posting advertisements or resources, even for related trainings or products. We appreciate that you respect our time.

If you have a question about whether something is ok to post just ask!

Please be kind to each other and to your Curriculum Mentors/admins. We're glad you're here!

-Christina Bacca, Heather Danishanko, Erin McGovern, Elicia Cárdenas,  Martina Bex,  Sam Brumagin

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