The Comprehensible Classroom

Martina Bex, Elicia Cárdenas, and friends have been having a blast making informal videos to address many of the most important questions and issues in world language classrooms.  

Watch all our free video trainings that are available on Youtube. 

Summer SOMOS Fun Club, Summer 2019

Mindsets for success

Unit Overview (SOMOS original)

Assessment Hacks and Hope: What to expect from SOMOS

Teaching with Novels, with special guests from Fluency Matters

Story Asking

Not Storyasking

Interactive-ish Notebooks

Classroom Management with Alyssa Campbell

Stay-at-home Fun Club, Spring and Summer 2020

 (st)Rip Bingo and Language Uptake

 Reading Strategies for Engaging the Whole Group

Language Acquisition Trivia Game and Distance Learning Model

Question Lab: Processing Questions

Classroom Tour! 

Building (and using) a Classroom Library

Big ideas for Distance Learning 

Setting up for Synchronous Storyasking 

Connecting with Students of Color with John Bracey

Unboxing a Flex Unit

Virtual Assessment: What Works 

First Day Demo

Simplify to Connect: Summer Fun Club 2021

Understanding and Using Inclusive Language with Abelardo Almazán-Vázquez

Staying True to You

Foundational Beliefs for Comprehension-Based teaching

Getting Buy-in for your language program from stakeholders

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